Trading System API  3.0
Library for Simulating and Deploying Trading and Investment Strategies
Trading System API Documentation

The documentation for the Trading System API (TSA) library consists of two parts:

  • The Trading System API - User Guide
  • The Trading System API - Reference Manual (this manual)

If you are new to using the Trading System API, please consult the User Guide for an introduction to the library's architecture and usage.

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Strategy Classes:
   class tsa::strategy
   class tsa::instrument
   class tsa::order_ref
   class tsa::transaction
   class tsa::series
   class tsa::series_cref
   class tsa::metrics
   class tsa::in_stream
   class tsa::out_stream

Support Classes:
   class tsa::property_map
   class tsa::date
   class tsa::date_time
   class tsa::duration
   class tsa::variant
   class tsa::exception
   class tsa::timer
   class tsa::os::path

Database Classes:
  class tsa::data_base
  class tsa::fast::database
  class tsa::sqlite::database
  class tsa::postgres::database
  class tsa::fast::table
  class tsa::mem_table
  class tsa::column_defs
  class tsa::file_import_rules
  class tsa::table_copy_rules

Charting Classes:
   class tsa::chart
   class tsa::chart::pane
   class tsa::plot::ohlc
   class tsa::plot::line
   class tsa::plot::bars
   class tsa::plot::area

Unmanaged Series Functions:

    Financial Indicators
    Random Functions
    Math / Statistical Functions
    Data Functions

Managed Series Functions (DSL):

    Financial Indicators (DSL)
    Random Functions (DSL)
    Math / Statistical Functions (DSL)
    Data Functions (DSL)
    Casting and Conversion Functions (DSL)
    Logic Functions (DSL)
    Debugging Functions (DSL)