Feb-1-2018 Project Update

Hello Everyone!

This new Trading System API web site is looking very good! I will now use this opportunity to post a first blog entry. About time!

The Trading System API development is in full swing and the team has been growing. I would like to thank everyone who has tried the early releases of the Trading System API product, or who has contributed code and/or testing time. I would also like to thank those that have contributed financially to the project. The product is still not finished but we are definitely getting closer to a first commercial release. 2018 is definitely the year!!

Most of our recent efforts have been focused on developing a very nice desktop applications which we refer to as “Trading System API – Analytics Desktop”. We hope to have a first version ready during the second quarter of 2018. This product replaces the static html reports and charts that we used in the past. With this new development the strategy output comes truly comes  alive with interactive charts and reports and it all looks and feels pretty nice. There is still a lot of testing left to be done but the general framework looks very nice. Keep your fingers crossed 🙂

I will try to post regularly from now on.

Peter Ritter