Modern And Robust Trading Systems

Develop robust and dependable trading systems with Trading System API for C++. There are no limits on the complexity of trading systems that can be modelled.

Advanced Simulation Features (NEW)

  • Event Driven Logic icon

    Strategies are driven by events and react to one event at a time. This allows for even the most complex strategy logic to be expressed with ease.

  • Endless Simulations icon

    Never run out of memory again! Run strategies on decades of tick data up to a billion billion bars. Only uses as much memory as required at any one point.

  • Native Timeseries Database icon

    Ultra fast timeseries database. Read and write millions of records per second. The api can also read and write SQL databases (Postgres and SQLite)


Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Gain deep insight into all aspects of the trading system via extensive interactive reports. All simulation results are saved to file and can be analysed and compared with any number of other simulation results. Analyze performance, risk and returns and browse the charts.

  • icon Performance

  • icon Risk

  • icon Trades

  • icon Orders Listing

  • icon Returns

Timeseries Domain Specific Language

Code timeseries models intuitively with a dedicated C++ language extension (embedded Domain Specific Language - DSL). Develop formulas and financial indicators using an intuitive functional syntax that can be augmented with lambda functions if required.


Merge Strategies Into Portfolios

Merge indidividual trading strategies into portfolios of strategies to add diversification and promote better risk/return characteristics

  • Merge Strategy Logs

    Use our Strategy Viewer desktop application to easily merge individual strategies into ortfolios of strategies.

  • Timeframe Agnostic Merge Process

    Merge intraday strategies with daily or weekly strategies.

  • Merge Entire Portfolios

    Having merged strategies into a portfolio is not the end of the process. You can re-merge the merged logs without limitation!

  • Analyze Strategy Portfolios

    The merge process retains most of the information available for individual strategies resutling in a meaningful portfolio analysis.


Powerful Plotting Capability

Visualize all our trading ideas on charts ….


Build and Debug with Source Code

Trading systems are easy to launch and debug. They run as individual executables. Use your favorite development environment and debugger to step through the code. The API is shipped with source code

  • Build with Cmake on Multiple Platforms

    Build with Cmake Build on MS Windows and Linux

  • Use IDE of Your Choice

    Visual Studio, Netbeans, etc.

  • Modular Architecture

    Trading Systems are executables that can be run stand-alone. Easily step through the code and inspect terminal output

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